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A Specialist Therapeutic Children's Home

Our mission is to guide all Children & Young People who enter our home to access the best opportunities available to them in order for them to realise their full educational & social potential.

We do this by providing them a holistic and bespoke, therapeutic experience, that is based on the high standards of our therapeutic approach, and meets their specific needs.

We offer a, safe, stable & caring home, that is family orientated, built on mutual respect, trust & understanding.

A child's voice will always be heard, they will know they are wanted & valued.

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Our Promise

To Children & Young People:

1.    To always provide an outstanding therapeutic approach

2.    A caring, safe & homely environment where every voice is heard

3.    Staff who will always advocate for their best interests across all areas

To Staff:

1.    To maintain & supervise a dedicated staff team of the highest quality

2.    Always providing opportunities to enhance their skills with effective training & development towards our therapeutic approach

3.   To always be invested in staff health through mindfulness & well-being incentives  

To Families:

1.    To always promote the safety & well-being of those in our care as our number one priority 

2.    To maintain & build stronger connections between those in our care & their families (where deemed safe & acceptable)

3.   To help those in our care best prepare for life after care

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Our Therapeutic Approach

We understand therapeutic care is two pronged, that is why we use a blended model.

Clinical Led

Alongside, independent therapists & psychologists, trained in trauma informed systems of care, we use clinical evaluation tools referred to as “the missing link in the residential care sector” by Sir Martin Narey. This allow us to identify, plan & improve outcomes for children with complex needs.

Approach Led

Our approach is rooted in the secure base model. Providing a therapeutic service is about constantly being aware of the environment the Children & Young People are in, ensuring it is always enriching & educational. From things as simple as food preparations to the conversations with staff, we strive to ensure every interaction, minute by minute, follows a therapeutic approach, helping those in our care to naturally grow to their full potential.

The progress made by children & young people in our care, and the impact & effectiveness of the therapeutic services we are providing will always be evidenced for others such as social workers & Ofsted to see.

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Our Homes

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Rashford House

A large modern home, which is light, airy & purposely designed to be a Children's home. The house provides accommodation across 2 floors; each child has their own room & there is a lovely garden area with soft/hard landscaping for year round use.

Located in one of the safest, suburban, family orientated, wards in one of the statistically safest boroughs in London.

The nine primary schools & 3 secondary schools within 1-mile of the home are all Ofsted rated "Good" or "Outstanding".

The heart of the home

We have a large open plan kitchen/dining area that is the heart of the home, where we cook together & all talk about our day.

Many who come into our care will have a background of food or feeding trauma related issues. So we ensure all matters of food meet key therapeutic principles.

We know each person's favourite meal & make sure we cook it for them on their first day at the home.

Nutritious weekly meals are planned together, as a home, with every one having a say, then once a week we have takeaway night! 

Relaxation & leisure time

Whether at home or outside, there are plenty of options for relaxation & leisure time at Rashford house!

Our home has TV Lounge, along with another TV/games area and even a chill out/quiet room.

Furthermore, we are close to many local clubs and sporting facilities, that offer everything from rock climbing & football, to BMX tracks and swimming!

Shops & other amenities such as the cinema are all within a close reach of the home. 

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Korczak, 2007

“Children are not the people of tomorrow, but are people of today. They have a right to be taken seriously, and to be treated with tenderness and respect. They should be allowed to grow into whoever they were meant to be.
‘The unknown person’ inside of them is our hope for the future.”

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Our Team

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Registered Manager

Neelam Raffique

Neelam has a wide range of experience in the children's residential care sector.  Having previously worked as a care worker, compliance officer and responsible individual, she has a strong understanding of all the moving parts needed to make a home run smoothly. Neelam leads the day to day operation of the home and enjoys maintaining a strong focus on providing a safe, nurturing and truly therapeutic environment where Children and Young People are able to achieve positive outcomes and flourish.

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